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Who are we and who are you?

Work as we know is changing - and it's changing fast.

We are Founded in 2017, we have helped several hundreds of thousands of people find an app or a digital platform to make money with. Along the way, we have become the world's largest community of gig workers

And more wants to join: we are adding over 10k new members to our community every week.

Our method is simple yet powerful. We are a digital companion that will help you find your next work opportunities, as well as the right support and the right services for you to thrive in the future of work.

Join us in our quest to be the gig-worker's best friend!

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Our Culture

With a team spanning 10+ nationalities and physically located on 4 continents we want to mirror the diversity of the people we aim to empower through our product. 

At AppJobs we value humility over brute force, data over opinions and action over talk. 

Perks & Benefits

Our Perks & Benefits revolve around freedom. Freedom to create. Freedom to decide. In return, we expect each other to handle that freedom responsibly and with a clear commitment to deliver on our Objectives and Key Results.

  • We are Remote first

    As long as you can effectively work and collaborate with the rest of the team you have a lot of freedom to choose where and when to work.

  • BYOD powered by AppJobs

    Ever heard of BYOB? (Bring Your Own Beer). We are BYOD. (Bring Your Own Device). So you choose the tech you need to deliver on your goals and we will give you the financial support for it.

  • Workations and offsites

    We try to get the whole team together at least twice per year to bond and work together. And have fun!

  • Make a difference, with your conviction

    We are all about shaping the future of work to the benefit of workers worldwide. Essentially becoming the gig-workers' best friend. The ways to achieve this mission are plentiful. Within AppJobs you get the freedom to test your ideas on how to make the future of work better all over the world.

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Our Beliefs

Maybe not the typical start-up mentality

We believe in the power of initiative and in the freedom to challenge everything. We don't assume that someone else has cracked the code - we certainly have a lot of code-cracking left to do. In order to formulate to yourself how you best contribute to the mission; you need to understand, define, adjust when needed, and take responsibility for your own actions. Freedom to create. Freedom to decide. And clear commitment to deliver on our Objectives and Key Results.
Fail Fast
We test our hypotheses with solid discipline and speed. Tasks that in some ordinary company would take 10 hours, we try to do in 10 minutes. Then we ask for feedback and invest another 10 minutes. Feedback and iteration is for us key.
Whenever we find a problem, the first time we solve it. The second time it occurs we document it. The thirds time we automate. Consequently, we spend more of our time taking on new challenges!
With a team spanning 10+ nationalities and physically located on 4 continents we want to mirror the diversity of the people we aim to empower through our product. To avoid cultural myopia we strive to recruit from a diverse cultural background and having any one single language group becoming a majority within the company.

Our people love working here

Uhm, just saw our employee NPS - can it really be this high? :o

Alok Co-founder and pessimist

Future of work is already happening at AppJobs. Would you like to help me shape it?

Tobias Head of AppJobs Institute and FoW Predict

AppJobs wants to help me learn to surf but I keep failing anyway. Can it get any better than this?

Lukasz Chachurski Tech Lead

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Our history

In three short years we've become the world's largest community of gig-workers. Imagine what we can to during the coming three!

Our journey starts in Katowice and Stockholm

Armed with a bold idea and great conviction. 

Our first office

We moved in to our very first office and were very proud to call this place our own.


Members start to sign up!


New office (again)
We're growing!
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