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Our Values

Maybe not the typical start-up mentality

  • Freedom

    We believe in the power of initiative and in the freedom to challenge everything. We don't assume that someone else has cracked the code - we certainly have a lot of code-cracking left to do. In order to formulate to yourself how you best contribute to the mission; you need to understand, define, adjust when needed, and take responsibility for your own actions. Freedom to create. Freedom to decide. And clear commitment to deliver on our Objectives and Key Results.

  • Fail Fast

    We test our hypotheses with solid discipline and speed. Tasks that in some ordinary company would take 10 hours, we try to do in 10 minutes. Then we ask for feedback and invest another 10 minutes. Feedback and iteration is for us key.

  • Automate

    Whenever we find a problem, the first time we solve it. The second time it occurs we document it. The thirds time we automate. Consequently, we spend more of our time taking on new challenges!

  • Diversity

    With a team spanning 10+ nationalities and physically located on 8 countries we want to mirror the diversity of the people we aim to empower through our product. To avoid cultural myopia we strive to recruit from a diverse cultural background and having any one single language group becoming a majority within the company.

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